3 Steps for a Successful Replatforming to SAP HANA

3 Steps for a Successful Replatforming to SAP HANA

SAP HANA is a database management application that was developed by SAP. The acronym HANA stands for High-performance Analytic Appliance, and is used to process large amounts of data instantaneously and in real-time. SAP HANA is being increasingly used across a number of organizations and has a lot of potential when it comes to data mining and data brokering applications. The SAP HANA has other features like predictive analytics that help businesses to keep up with the latest trends and implement business strategies accordingly.

SAP HANA Singapore can be quite a new technology to grasp for you and your company. However, with Hitachi ICT Solutions, you can be assured that your team will master it effectively. If you are looking for a SAP HANA vendor Singapore, you should definitely look for them. Check out their site today.

A number of organizations are now replatforming to SAP HANA because of its many advantages. If your organization is planning on migrating to SAP HANA, here are the steps to make it as effective and efficient as possible.

Understand the sizing of your SAP HANA platform

This is an important aspect of enabling a smooth transition to the HANA platform. Understanding the sizing of your platform will help you to measure the maximum benefits that can be attained through investment in the platform. This will in turn help you minimize any long-term costs that might pop up in the future.

Choosing the right platform for migration

When deploying the SAP HANA it is important to ensure that you are pursuing the best possible migration strategy. The platform and strategy you choose should be perfectly aligned with your business processes, operations, planning, resources, and various other factors. This allows your business to become more flexible with the use of the platform and the right migration strategy ensures a smooth and effortless replatforming. The appropriate migration strategy will help you counter any unexpected problems or technical glitches. In addition, it will also help you minimize the time period for which the system remains down.

Ensure that you have proper competencies

Migrating to SAP HANA and adjusting to it requires experience and skills. When you have decided to replatform to SAP HANA, you need to make sure that there are skilled and experienced personnel across the various departments in the organization. A group of competent individuals who are available on-demand will make the transition easier and will help resolve on-site problems with a lot of ease and efficacy.

These are the 3 important steps for a successful replatforming to SAP HANA. It is important to be very meticulous when migrating to a new platform in order to improve employee productivity and increase profits.

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What to consider when moving to Hyper Converged Infrastructure

What to consider when moving to Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) has emerged as a compelling solution to address the pain points faced by businesses with legacy IT systems. It is more cost effective and much easier to manage than traditional IT systems. If you are considering switching to HCI, read on to know the key considerations when moving to HCI.

If you are looking for a vendor for Hyper Converged Instructure, look no more. At Hitachi ICT Solutions, their consultants offer specialised advice and have years of experience in Hyper Converged Solutions Singapore about the various services you need. Kickstart your business with them today.

Choose your hypervisor carefully

A proven hypervisor should have a reputation and track record for good performance. Also, having a network of partners is essential for easy transition of any application. The hypervisor should be compatible with your existing data center and any integration challenges addressed at the outset. Most importantly, the hypervisor should enable cost savings and better performance.

Automation capabilities

An HCI solution with full automation capabilities will provide the returns on the investment made in terms of time saved. Automated storage provisioning, Just-in-time storage, self-tuning platform, and centralized management are automation services that should be present for a business to get the most out of its HCI.

Scaling capabilities

Scaling traditional infrastructure tends to be expensive and time-consuming. Separate packages or infrastructure need to be purchased and tedious decision making undergone. Scaling up capabilities by addition of nodes and performance scaling to accommodate additional users or new applications are both capabilities your HCI should have.

Performance capabilities

Consistently high performing HCI is required in an environment with hybrid workloads and various business applications. Primary storage systems should be flash-enabled. Next generation hardware tools should be easily supported by the HCI without the requirement to revamp the entire system.

Data storage capabilities

Data storage capabilities of HCI should include deduplication, data compression, near zero down time and erasure coding. Once settings are configured, the administrator should be able to trust that the system will run as expected with minimal intervention thereafter.

Cost saving metrics

HCI can lower costs in several ways but the chief among them to monitor and benchmark are elimination of silos of operation, diminishing the learning curve by evolving existing expertise, and automation of routine operational processes.

Choosing a new infrastructure requires thought and planning. If either of these factors is lacking, a business could end up with unpredictable performance and poor returns on investment. To avoid an expensive mistake, keep the above factors in mind to ensure an HCI that gives your business value rather than sets it back.

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Microsoft CRM alternatives

Microsoft CRM alternatives

If you are looking of a new CRM system or you want to replace or upgrade your current system, you are likely going to be focusing your attention on the big players in the industry that are very popular and have made a name for themselves.

An excellent example of a popular system that a lot of people are using is the Microsoft dynamics system. Microsoft is basically the biggest software company in the world right now. Their dynamics is has a lot of wonderful features that are definitely going to boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, track the progress of a marketing campaign and effectively use social media.

Presently, multiple versions of the Microsoft CRM are available and can be used basically by any industry and business. One key thing that makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM standout is that it can easily integrate with common Microsoft office programs that a lot of people can use easily.  What this means therefore is that much training is not required in other to use Microsoft CRM.

Each version of the Microsoft CRM is based on the department it is designed for. Below are some versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The sales version

This price of using this version ranges from 50 to 90 USD. It has some tools that can be used for social media engagement. It is used basically to boost sales.


The price of using this version ranges from 125 to 200 USD per month. This version includes marketing campaign analytics and management.

Social version

The version is used for social force automation and social listening. The price of using this version is 65USD on a monthly basis.

According to Gartner, CRM software’s are basically one of the most rapidly growing software segments. So, if you are looking for a CRM system for your business organization, you need to have it in mind that there are a lot of systems for you to check out before making your decision.

You definitely will agree that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a good rating. The only problem with it is that it is too expensive and difficult to use. Because of these reasons, you likely may be looking for other alternatives to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some alternatives to Microsoft alternatives.

Mothernode CRM

The mothernode CRM helps to manage your sales team, contacts and inventory, identify business opportunities, and manage your leads. All these are done right in the cloud. This CRM can be accessible on mobile devices. 

Even more, popular accounting and marketing systems like MailChimp can easily be integrated into it.

The mothernode CRM has a couple of packages that are designed for members of your teams.


This is basically an all-in-one CRM that is designed for small businesses that need lead management, sales automation, and a phone system in order to reach potential clients. The following industries will benefit a lot from using this system;

  • Non-profit organization
  • Real estates management
  • Dealerships
  • Insurance companies

The start price of this system is 65USD per month. Users get a discount when they chose to pay annually.


This is basically one of the best CRM on the market right now. Sales force is one of the fastest growing CRM vendors. Its feature can effectively be used to manage sales, improve customer satisfaction and many more.

It stores all important information about a client or prospect. Even more, it creates a window for it users to manage their campaigns.

 Final note

These are not the only alternative to Microsoft Dynamics CRM; there surely are others that will be able to meet your needs. Do some research to find out about them.


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What Does The Future Look Like For Sap S/4 Hana?

Most people are unaware that SAP S/4 HANA is more than just an advanced database fortified with various product solutions.
The level of sophistication is pretty great right from the layer of user interface, thanks to the new and improved Fiori. The
Fiori interface now has many smart contact points which has made the days of working with numerous tables in finance and logistics
obsolete. The visual styles of the application have been changed to make it conform to the current aesthetic ideals, even if it
is accessed via the ubiquitous smartphones. The advanced ATP (Available to promise) enables the application to guarantee greater
accountability due to its highly perceptive and multidimensional analysis capabilities. The mechanisms of evaluation accompany the
presentation layers along with the graphs to make drawing inferences a cinch. Since all the reports are generated in real time along
with the ancillary parameters, there is no need for an external business intelligence system to speed up the throughput of businesses.
While one cannot deny that s/4 hana is expensive, its ground breaking enhancements are expected to make it ubiquitous in the near future.
Businesses will appreciate the value for money that s/4 hana delivers and will obviously work towards incorporating it at the earliest.

Whether you are an SME or a large enterprise looking for a SAP S4 HANA partner, you can consider Hitachi ICT SAP S/4 HANA Singapore. They have a long history and have valuable industry knowledge, so they will be a good asset to your company. You should check out their website above.

SAP will continue to set the precedents
SAP has proven its mettle repeatedly in the enterprise software segment, their growing customer base bears testimony to this trend. The
ever increasing demand for enterprise softwares has allowed SAP to grow into the behemoth that it is today, setting new standards in
the digital transformations. The s/4 hana is the crown of SAP’s offerings and is set to take the modern businesses to new heights along
with SAP. With everything moving online, SAP has increased its investments in the cloud solutions eyeing the future needs of businesses.
SAP’s revenue from cloud services is already greater than three billion Euros and this number is expected to grow exponentially in the
near future.

New heights of automation
SAP’s developments in various technologies are already indicating the phasing out of user interfaces via screens owing to the increasing
demand for automation. This trend has made SAP improve its offerings in multiple spheres like integration solutions which work in real time,
affordable sensors, advanced predictive algorithms, voice recognition and many more like these.
All of these optimisations will result in the innovation of digital cores which can work by themselves without any human intervention.

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Holiday Downtime

It’s been a while since we updated the happenings of the ETE world, so here you are: We got home from tour a few weeks back & this was by far the best tour yet. TTEOTD & The Red Death are both amazing people & amazing bands, and we’re stoked on the friendships we made on this tour. thanks to everyone who came out to any of the shows, loaned out their floorspace, bought merch, etc. it helped out a bunch. Right now we’re taking a few months off before doing a short West Coast run with Ramallah & Death Before Dishonor at the end of January. Yes, we WILL be making it up to SEATTLE this time, so it’ll be great to see all of our friends up there again, it’s been too long. In February, we’ll be all across the US again, this time with The Warriors & This Is Hell. We’ll post dates up for both of those tours as the info comes in, so keep a lookout.

In other news, We’ll be releasing a split EP with The End of Six Thousand Years from Italy. The folks overseas at Still Life Records will be releasing this one. The Split will feature 3 songs from each band, with 2 of the ETE songs being unreleased versions of Memento Mori & The Bloodening.

Joel & Karl now exclusively play KRANK! AMPS. Why? Because they’re the best!

Until next time -ETE

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Bunch O’ Shit

Hey all! We have been busy as all hell. so here is the rundown of recent happenings in the ETE world.

-Tour was a blast!!! huge thanks to everyone who came to the shows and smashed it up with us. we are looking forward to hitting the road next month with The Red Death and Through The Eyes Of The Dead, so be sure to check our shows section to see when we will be ripping it up in your town!

-We are also proud to announce that we have joined forces with the good people at the artery foundation.

-Our Debut Video for “car bombs and conversations” is completely finished, keep checking back because it won’t be long before we unleash the beast. HUGE thanks to Andy Deyoung and team.

-and “Counting Hallways To The Left” is available everywhere, so be sure to pick it up immediately.

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Partial Tour Cancellation!!! SORRY!!!

Due to financial issues which are out of our control, Embrace The End will be unable to play the first 11 dates of our upcoming tour with Through The Eyes of the Dead & The Red Death. We’re really bummed to be missing all of these shows & promise we’ll make it up to everyone in the months ahead. We are playing a few shows on the way out to meet up with The Red Death & TTEOTD guys on Oct 15th Provo, UT Oct 16th Denver, CO Oct 17th (help us) The rest of the tour dates from Oct 18th onward are still going on as planned. we’re also making a 2nd run at the southern US to get us home so check the shows page for all the dirt.

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