Bunch O’ Shit

Hey all! We have been busy as all hell. so here is the rundown of recent happenings in the ETE world.

-Tour was a blast!!! huge thanks to everyone who came to the shows and smashed it up with us. we are looking forward to hitting the road next month with The Red Death and Through The Eyes Of The Dead, so be sure to check our shows section to see when we will be ripping it up in your town!

-We are also proud to announce that we have joined forces with the good people at the artery foundation.

-Our Debut Video for “car bombs and conversations” is completely finished, keep checking back because it won’t be long before we unleash the beast. HUGE thanks to Andy Deyoung and team.

-and “Counting Hallways To The Left” is available everywhere, so be sure to pick it up immediately.

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